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w1 bouquet with rose and lily
w2 White rose bouquet
w3 Yellow rose bouquet
w4 Red rose bouquet
w5 White lily bouquet
w6 Pink rose bouquet
w7 Yellow rose and gerbera
w8 A selection of yellow flowers and greenery
w9 Yellow flowers with trailing greenery
w10 Trailing white bouquet
w11 large cala lily bouquet
w12 Trailing cala lily bouquet
w13 Orange gerbera and cala bouquet
w14 Orange gerbera bouquet
w15 Orchid bouquet
w16 Anthurium bouquet
w17 Modern white rose bouquet
w18 White orchid bouquet
w19 Modern lilac bouquet
w20 Modern pink bouquet
w21 White rose bouquet
w22 Red rose hand tie
w24 Hand ties
w25 Mixed flower hand tie
w26 Mix flower and bear grass
w27 White lily hand tie
w28 Mixed flower hand tie
All bouquets can be adjusted for size, colour and flower choice. Smaller versions can often be made for bridesmaids.