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Top soil with added plant food
Top Soil Extra
Fine quality weed free top soil with added feed.
3.99 each or 3 for 10
Farm yard manure - natural soil improver and conditioner
Farmyard Manure
Excellent soil improver / conditioner. Well rotted manure is clean and smell free.
3.99 each or 3 for 10
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Vital Earth Multi purpose Compost
The Vital Earth product range is Peat Free - Organic and 100% recycled. It is made in Ashbourne Derbyshire so it has a low carbon footprint. Saving the planet is all well and good but this compost actually is very good with an excellent balance of nutrients and trace elements.
For planting bedding, herbaceous, fruit, shrubs and vegetables.
Vital Earth Kayak Growbag
The Special kayak design of the bag allows deeper roots and better water retention.
5.99 each
30Ltr 2.50 each
Vital Earth Vegetable Compost
Specially formulated for planting  vegetables.
5.99 each
GroWise 100L Mini Bark Bale 7.99
We also stock many specialist composts including Eracatious,  Bulb Fiber, Houseplant compost, Aquatic compost - in bags from 10L